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2 min readMay 24, 2022

Blockchain food traceability is gaining momentum in the global agrifood sector.Foods and products that we eat will travel a lot before making their place in our stomach. The goods are transported to the stores from the farmer’s lands and then delivered to the small retail seller. The transportation process is time-consuming and costly. If the transportation process is uploaded on blockchain then it is effortless to track it by anyone. The consumers can track the supply of the goods in the market and the price will become fairer.

Blockchain will remove the control of some people over transportation and bring transparency to all this process. The blockchain tracking tag system is different from the barcode and RFID system. Traceability tags can be installed without the need for hardware and equipment, and withoutadditional process, it is possible to install the tag on other entities.Traceability tags are stored in data-blocks and are associated with goods.When a product is sold, its ownership information changes in the traceability tag.

Blockchain technology will solve this problem by letting consumers know exactly where their food originated, who planted it, and how fresh it is. It will only require workers to scan the product at each stage in the process to update the database with information. As the agrifood sector embraces the benefits of blockchain technology, the need to stay competitive is what will ultimately drive the migration to blockchain.

Successful Example :
Walmart Corporation is collaborating with IBM to build a blockchain agriculture supply chain.

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AgriNode - AGN

Blockchain technology has many applications, including solutions to problems in agriculture, in- cluding traceability of food products, finance, insurance