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AgriNode - AGN
1 min readJan 7, 2023

Agrinode is a blockchain-based agricultural platform that provides supply chain and business solutions to agricultural and financial challenges found in traditional agricultural practices.

The project provides farmers who don’t have access to proper banking services or financial support. This removes limitations such as excess waiting periods on loan approval and eliminates intermediaries.

Agrinode’s Smart contract will also solve payment delay issues due to business intermediaries by facilitating auto-payments. Farmers would then be paid immediately upon the delivery of goods received by end consumers.

Any potential food contamination can be easily traced with minimal delays, which can minimize damage to the public by implementing immediate recalls.

This will ultimately help prevent food fraud and false labeling and help manage wastage. Agrinode’s transparent supply chain system easily keeps track of perishable goods using on-chain data while calibrating to spontaneous weather conditions, keeping each person within the newly revised supply chain updated in real-time.

End-users on the consumer side would be able to directly purchase monthly subscriptions from farms without going through business intermediaries that add unnecessary costs to the base price.

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AgriNode - AGN

Blockchain technology has many applications, including solutions to problems in agriculture, in- cluding traceability of food products, finance, insurance